How often should the brake pads be replaced?

Replacement of brake pads

Because each driver hits the brakes at different rates, it is difficult to define how often the brake pads need to be replaced.The only way to do this is to check how worn the brake pads are during a routine inspection, and if they reach a critical point, they need to be replaced immediately.

The replacement of disc brake brake pad is relatively simple.By removing the tyre and loosening the screws from the brake clamp, the brake pads are removed and replaced in up to five minutes, with no adjustments required.

The drum brake is a little more difficult to replace, need to remove the wheel, then remove the brake drum, and then can replace the brake pad, to pay attention to the overlap between the new brake pad and the brake drum, overlap is not good, sometimes need to polish;During assembly, the gap between the brake pad and brake drum should be adjusted.In short, it's a slightly technical job.

Proper driving can prolong the life of brake pads

Slamming on the brakes when something goes wrong is a favorite of bad drivers, but it's actually a potential hazard.I believe you may have such an experience: the car in front of you is going well, there is nothing wrong with the road in front, but someone inexplicably came to the brake, the car behind the guard, there is a possibility of rear-end collision.This is the classic road killer.

In addition, some people have only two options when driving: put on gas or apply the brakes.The frequency of braking reached a very high level.In fact, they are not alone.And the result of doing this, of course, is 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, you have to change a brake pad.

The correct way of driving is to keep concentration at all times, keep an eye on the six roads, find the problem in advance, slow down, according to the changes in the situation to decide whether to hit the brakes.This saves gas and extends the life of the brake pads.