Current situation and development direction of brake pad industry in China

Due to the late start of China's auto industry, the small market of auto parts industry, and the lack of understanding of the brake pad industry in China, the brake pad industry has been in a state of hesitation and groping development, resulting in a large gap between the automotive brake pad industry and the international advanced level.In terms of process, equipment and standards, we have followed the old technology model for a long time. The technology progress is slow, and the development of new products and the upgrading of product quality lag behind the market demand.The management is extensive, the product technical specification cannot enter the standard evaluation system of the mainstream international market, and the export share is very small.

The development of brake pad industry is not only reflected in the rapid growth of economic aggregate, but also in the technical progress, management level and other aspects also have good performance.Mainly reflected in:

1. Product quality has been significantly improved.In order to create famous brand products, enterprises have given full play to their comparative advantages, strengthened production management and product quality upgrading, and the product varieties and quality performance can not only meet the assembly performance requirements of the international automotive industry, but also be favored by foreign companies.

2. Greatly improved the ability of independent research and development.Many enterprises have equipped with scientific research equipment and established their own technical development team, carrying out extensive academic exchanges at home and abroad while constantly developing new products.If asbestos-free friction sheet is the replacement of international friction material, the asbestos-free ratio of domestic friction material has reached more than 50%, other high-end technology of new products are constantly emerging.