Yongli Brake is dedicate on the friction material industry, and want to be the best professional in the manufacturing of the brake pads.


YONGLI brake pads enjoy the following feartures, to offer safety to all of customers. 

1)Stable performance across wide range temperatures
2)Durable and long working life in 
4)Excellent braking performance 
5)Braking comfortable
6)High-temperature allowable
8)Low dust
9)Disc -friendly
10)Exceptional high temperature performance  and wet performance 



 we have our own testing lab, and also send brake pads outside tested also.
Many and many times, customer tell us, your price is so high, i know some one, is only 30% of your price.
we always tell them, you get what you paid.
so should it better if we know how to distinguish a good brake pads  ?


so how about YONGLI brake pad performance  ?


Although there testing data is got on a simulation condition, but it reflect the quality to some extent.



Motorcycle brake pad manufacturers, Manufacturing of quality brake pads for motorcycle,ATV, Go kart, scooters, bicycle, and small machines